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How to Find THE Cheapest Flights to Anywhere on Your Own (Ex.: LJU to HNL): What you Need to Know

As an avid (plus safe and wallet-conscious) explorer I had travelled twice around the world, visiting more than 5 countries each time, and had in total experienced more than 45 countries over the past 16 years. And counting!

A girl at the airprot searching looking at the flight board

In this article, I will give away the ways of low-cost, budget travel to almost any destination. I have often flown to another continent for as low as 250 per way! Want to get from Europe to a destination like Hawaii for €500 or less? Then by all means read on!

We will go through the best ways to find the lowest-cost flight tickets using various means and tools, best practices and a combination of strategies with a real-world example.

Before we dive in, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the key regulations followed by low-cost airlines specifically before purchasing tickets to any destination. Carriers typically have specific rules regarding checked baggage and in-flight meals, which are often offered as additional paid services, although there are exceptions to this as well.

To ensure the flight meets your requirements, it's crucial to review and understand the following policies:

- Baggage Allowance: Low-cost tickets usually include only one personal item for your journey. The size limitations vary among different airlines, so it's essential to check the specific dimensions for each carrier (you can find the exact measurements below). If you frequently travel with backpacks, it's crucial to be aware of the size requirements for personal items, as some airlines enforce strict regulations. If needed, you can purchase extra luggage online or at the airport.

As of 2022, the IATA recommends a maximum size of 56 cm × 45 cm × 25 cm (22 in × 18 in × 10 in) and a weight of 7Kg/15lb for carry-ons.

- Flight Changes and Cancellation Policy: When purchasing your ticket, it's important to consider the airline's policies regarding cancellations, flight delays, and reservation changes. Some airlines may not cover any additional costs that might occur if your flight is cancelled.

In light of these factors, I recommend considering low-cost airlines for travellers who prefer backpacks, short-distance journeys or just like to travel light (like myself). However, always verify that your bag meets the airline's size restrictions to ensure compliance with their policy no matter the carrier.

Packing a bag

  1. Private Browsing Mode - You checked for a flight costing €50, decided to book tomorrow and when you check again it's 80! Keep your browser in private mode in order to reset cookies on each browsing session, as from my own first-hand insight, both airlines and meta-search engines and aggregators use cookies in order to cause the fear of missing out (FOMO) in customers and conduct "Price Surging". It is very common to see higher prices the longer you search for a flight, most sites also share this information immediately with other airlines and search engines!

  2. Avoid Weekends, Holidays and Peak Seasons (IF YOU CAN) - Of course not always is this an option, but bear in mind that the prices for all tourism-oriented services can double or even triple at this time! Opting for off-peak travel can be a highly effective approach to saving money, making it one of the most advantageous strategies available. Consider either visiting coastal destinations during the winter or exploring colder regions during the summer. Since these locations may be less popular during certain seasons, you can discover incredible deals and relish a less crowded experience while still enjoying all the attractions they have to offer.

  3. Aggregators and Meta-Search Engines - Including our own offers the flexibility to fly to any destination of your choice. Simply choose the desired month and observe the search results to identify the best time and location with the most affordable fares. You also have an interactive map of the lowest fares from your location below the search. Embracing the philosophy that anywhere can be a great destination when you're unsure of where to go, consider embarking on a backpacking adventure in the Caribbean or exploring budget-friendly options in Barcelona. Additionally, you'll be enthralled by the array of captivating places to visit in Mexico. Don't miss the opportunity to explore these enticing possibilities! With Meta-Search Engines and Aggregators, you cannot only discover the destinations offering the best prices but also determine the airlines that serve those routes.

  4. Pay Attention to High Traffic Routes - This is one of the most important things to watch out for - If you are flying from a specific destination, think first of what is the most popular connection from your departure airport towards the direction of your destination; this route will be the cheapest! Now you might be thinking, the search engines already connect these flights, oh they do but you don't want the systems of either these or airlines to know you are planning your own connected flight, the price will often reflect that.

  5. Flight Price Trackers - These usually offer incredible user-friendliness. You have the option to either download the apps on your phone or use the websites, but I highly recommend downloading them for the convenience of receiving notifications. The process is simple: choose your desired destination, select the date (you can even opt for a flexible month if you're unsure), and set up alerts. These applications continuously monitor flight prices and provide you with predictive insights. By receiving notifications, you'll stay updated on any fluctuations, allowing you to make informed decisions based on their forecasts. Some of the most renowned flight-tracking apps include Skyscanner, Hopper,, and Kayak. You can find most if not all of these aggregated on our Flight Search Engine too.

  6. Reward Programs - Wouldn't it be fantastic to earn miles for your everyday expenses? Well, certain credit cards and airlines offer exactly that! By applying for a credit card, you can accumulate miles for every dollar spent, which can later be redeemed for flights. Take Spirit Airlines, for instance. They have their own loyalty club, allowing frequent travellers to earn points on every purchase and redeem them for flights. Many of these credit cards come with no fees, and you can even earn additional points by referring friends. Of course, using credit cards requires responsible financial management, but if you're disciplined, they can be an excellent way to convert your daily expenses into flights. Some of the most popular credit cards in the USA offering these mileage rewards include Discover Miles, Delta SkyMiles (Amex), Capital One Venture, and Chase Sapphire Reserve, while in Europe there are Curve, Wirex, Vivid, Revolut and N26. (Mind that At the end of 2015, the European Union came out with legislation against credit card companies charging more than 0.3% to merchants on credit card transactions, the result being that European bank credit cards have lost almost all of their cashback and rewards.). It's important to note that accumulating enough points for a significant flight may take time, especially with cards that don't charge an annual fee. However, in some cases, the benefits of cards with an annual fee might outweigh the cost.

  7. Affiliate Programs - These are programs originally meant for resellers, bloggers and other companies that wish to sell services and products offered by a 3rd party company. Some of these affiliate programs allow you to join even if you are just buying flights for yourself! This means that 3% to 5% of the ticket price is regarded as your commission and you will get this money paid back out in cash! One of these is available HERE.

  8. Ferries - As simple and straightforward as it sounds - Ferries are usually much cheaper on certain routes. Find the lowest-priced ferries worldwide HERE.

Real-World Example Ljubljana to Hawaii:

Ljubljana, Slovenia ➡️ Honolulu, Hawaii (31st of August to 10th of September 2023 / Ljubljana to Hawaii)

Lowest Price: 930 for a RETURN Flight. (Approx €890 or less with deducted affiliate commission and reward programs)

Direct Search Lowest Price for this flight: 1400!

In this example, we used high-traffic routes to FIRST get a RETURN flight from Ljubljana, Slovenia to Los Angeles, California, USA for a measly 660 (30th of August to 11th of September), because this is the highest-traffic route to Hawaii along with Bangkok (You can also opt to stay in Los Angeles or Bangkok, not bad choices by any means!). Then we searched for a return flight to Hawaii from LA, the price was 270 for a RETURN flight (31st of August to 10th of September). We also used our Meta Flight Search engine, reward program, affiliate program and weekday travel when possible - there is one Sunday and Friday in there though.

Sunset in Hawaii

Read this far? Here is an extra tip! - it matters when you check in to your flight! Albeit not price-wise, certain airlines place greater importance on specific factors when it comes to seat assignments. Southwest serves as an excellent example, as they allocate seats on a first-come, first-served basis.

The time at which you check in for your flight becomes a determining factor in this first-come, first-served system. If you happen to check in just five or 10 minutes past the 24-hour mark, you'll likely be assigned to the B or C-section groups. Unfortunately, this diminishes the likelihood of sitting together as a group or securing a desirable aisle or window seat, particularly on a crowded flight.

Budget Flights to Anywhere: Pack your Stuff and let’s Go!

With these valuable suggestions, I genuinely wish you success in discovering economical flights for any destination and time frame!

Keep in mind that the most affordable choices may not always come from low-cost airlines. Therefore, conducting thorough research and familiarizing yourself with their policies becomes crucial. If you're travelling with substantial luggage, it might be worth considering paying a slightly higher fare upfront to avoid unexpected additional fees later on.


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