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Metaldays 2023, how to get to the new venue - Velenje Lake and what will the Shuttle cost you.

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Metaldays 2023 Official Shuttle Departure Locations and Prices:

LJUBLJANA AIRPORT → VELENJE (Price per passenger = 25€)

28.7.2023 (BOOK)

  • 12:00

  • 21:00

29.7.2023 (BOOK)
  • 11:00

  • 15:00

  • 21:00

30.7.2023 (BOOK)
  • 11:00

  • 15:00

  • 21:00

VELENJE → LJUBLJANA AIRPORT (Price per passenger = 25€)

LJUBLJANA MAIN BUS STATION → VELENJE (Price per passenger = 25€)

VELENJE → LJUBLJANA MAIN BUS STATION (Price per passenger = 25€)

ZAGREB AIRPORT → VELENJE (Price per passenger = 45€)

VELENJE → ZAGREB AIRPORT (Price per passenger = 45€)

VIENNA AIRPORT → VELENJE (Price per passenger = 75€)

VELENJE VIENNA AIRPORT (Price per passenger = 75€)

GRAZ AIRPORT → VELENJE (Price per passenger = 45€)

VELENJE GRAZ AIRPORT (Price per passenger = 45€)

MARIBOR TRAIN STATION → VELENJE (Price per passenger = 25€)

VELENJE MARIBOR TRAIN STATION (Price per passenger = 25€)

TREVISO AIRPORT → VELENJE (Price per passenger = 75€)

VELENJE TREVISO AIRPORT (Price per passenger = 75€)

MARCO POLO AIRPORT → VELENJE (Price per passenger = 75€)

VELENJE MARCO POLO AIRPORT (Price per passenger = 75€)

TRIESTE RONCHI AIRPORT → VELENJE (Price per passenger = 45€)

VELENJE TRIESTE RONCHI AIRPORT (Price per passenger = 45€)

USE " METALVELENJE2023 " for 10% off Shuttle Transfers! (Valid until 15 June 2023)

Want to Know more about Metaldays 2023 and the venue?

Metalheads bathing on the beach

Metaldays is an iconic metal music festival that has gained immense popularity among metalheads around the world. Known for its incredible lineup of metal bands, energetic atmosphere, and picturesque setting, Metaldays offers a unique experience for fans of heavy music. This year, the festival has found its new home at Velenje Lake, which has further enhanced the overall appeal of the event.

Velenje Lake, located in Slovenia, provides a stunning backdrop for the Metaldays festival. The lake's crystal-clear waters and surrounding lush greenery create a mesmerizing atmosphere, allowing festival-goers to enjoy their favourite bands while being immersed in nature's beauty. This picturesque setting offers a refreshing change from the usual festival locations and adds a touch of tranquillity to the otherwise intense metal music experience.

The new venue at Velenje Lake has also allowed for an expanded festival area, providing more space for stages, camping, and various activities. The organizers have taken advantage of the natural landscape, setting up stages near the lake, and allowing attendees to enjoy performances while basking in the sun or cooling off in the water. The larger festival area has alleviated any overcrowding concerns and created a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Apart from the music, Metaldays offers a range of activities to keep attendees entertained throughout the festival. The lake provides opportunities for swimming, kayaking, and even a water park, allowing festival-goers to take a break from the mosh pits and indulge in some leisurely fun. The surrounding mountains and forests also offer hiking and biking trails for those seeking an adventure amidst the festival madness.

Another highlight of Metaldays is its diverse food and beverage options. The festival boasts a wide range of culinary delights, including local Slovenian dishes, international cuisine, and vegetarian/vegan options. Attendees can savour delicious meals while enjoying the scenic views, ensuring that their hunger is satisfied throughout the festival.

Overall, Metaldays festival at Velenje Lake has successfully combined the love for metal music with the beauty of nature. The new venue provides an unforgettable experience for metalheads, offering a perfect blend of heavy music, breathtaking scenery, and exciting activities. Whether it's headbanging to the thunderous riffs or simply unwinding by the lake, Metaldays at Velenje Lake promises an immersive and unforgettable experience for all fans of the metal genre.

See you there! 🤘


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